YASHICA RAJ – is the youngest rapper in Karnataka

Name: Yashica Raj
DOB: 2014-2015
Occupation(s): Youngest Rapper
Labels: What Next

Yashica raj: Karnataka’s youngest rapper in Kannada’s past on special festival Ugadi Published of her single track music called HO-My-God, Now her social media was handled and managed by guidance. Yashica also part of Hip-hop kannadigaru. Her parents released a track Namakarana in 2016 indicate the empowering girls’ child and educating society on the value of education through Yashica’s hip-hop music.

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On the latest update, This the channel, Yashica Raj released the new track with computer-generated Animation called What NXT?? The future is here it was a fictional story song by her father mr.Mohan helping her daughter Yashica. What NEXT song consists of the eight to nine vernacular which primarily narrative in Kannada and other languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil & Telugu.

The audience was the strong urge of Say YA Say SHI SAY KA while even getting a good response towards the What NXT?? Music Track. we all wish Yashica the best of luck for a future track.

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