Thara O Thara Lyrics – Apoorva Sangama

Thara O Thara lyrics from Apoorva Sangama Kannada movie. Thara O Thara is a 1980’s Kannada song from the movie Apoorva Sangama, a legendary combo of Dr. Rajkumar and Shankar Nag.

The music of the film is composed by Upendra Kumar.

The song is being sung by Dr. Rajkumar and S. Janaki. Thara O Thara video song features Dr. Rajkumar, Shankar Nag and Ambika in a lead role.

Shemaroo Kannada holds the record label for Thara O Thara Kannada song.

Thara O Thara Lyrics in English

About the Song

  • Singer(s): Dr. Rajkumar and S. Janaki
  • Lyricist: N/A
  • Music: Upendra Kumar
  • Star-cast: Dr. Rajkumar, Shankar Nag and Ambika
  • Director(s): Y.R. Swamy
  • Producer(s): Y.R. Swamy and Naveen Kumar
  • Music Label: Shemaroo Kannada


Thara O Thara Lyrics Beginning

English Version

Thara.. O Thara..
Thara.. Baa Thara..
Naa Ille Iruve
Jotheyalle Baruve
Ninna Nodalende Naanu
Kaadu Kaadu Sothu Hode
Yeke Nidhaanisi Bande?

Raaja.. O Raaja..
Raaja.. O Raaja..
Haadeeli Mullu
Haa.. Ellellu Kallu
Onti Hennu Thaane Naanu
Odi Odi Bandenalla
Ellu Naa Nillale Illa
Ayyo Paapa..
Ellu Naa Nillale Illa

Yethake Heege Hedarike Mogadi
Hele Chinna
Yakamma Hedrukothiya?
Helu Haa..
Yethake Heege Hedarike Mogadi
Hele Chinna
Neene Balle Summane Yeke
Kaaduve Nanna
Naa Raajanaada Mele
Ide Nanna Raajya (X2)

Raaja.. Ello..
Alle Thaane Endu..
Hinde-Munde Sevakariralebeku
Naaniralu Bhayaveke? (X2)

Ninnane Nambi Bandenu Indu
Kelo Jaana
Nanagottu Mari.. Ninu Barthiya Anta!
Ninnane Nambi Bandenu Indu
Kelo Jaana..
Nambide Henne Endigu Neene
Nanna Praana..
Nammoru Baludoora Gotte Kumaara
Nammoru Baludoora Gotte Kumaara
Innu.. Naavu.. Alli Illi Sutti
Kaala Kaleyodeke Helo Raaja
Sevakaru Barabeke?
Byada Byada Byada
Ee Sevakaru Barabeke?

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Thaara.. O Thaara..
Raaja.. O Raaja..

Naa Ille Iruve
Jotheyalle Baruve
Hu.. Hu..
Ninna Nodalende
Nanu Kaadu Kaadu Sothu Hode
Yeke Nidhaanisi Bande?
Yeke Nidhaanisi Bande?


End of Lyrics!

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