Sangeetha Rajeev “ENA MAADALI” Folk Party Anthem – Uttar Karnataka Version

After the good response from the audience and the success of the Social viral music NEE Nodabyada & Neene’s song, Again Sangeetha Rajeev is back with the folk party Anthem of the year 2020 Ena Maadali.

About the Ena, Maadali is a Song about Uttara Karnataka style and also new aged folks song which is an expression of a girl who is madly in love she is expressing her love towards her man withe series of more questions lot. the song is little brain work and ordeal by Sangeetha Rajeev and as a tribute to all the people of Uttar Karnataka Madi.

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Click here for lyrics – Sangeetha Rajeev “ENA MAADALI” Folk Party Anthem – Uttar Karnataka Version

Sonu Nigam singing Kannada songs is absolutely scintillating!

Rajeev has a dream collaboration of he new aged Icon pop song, Neene neene song by legendary Sonu Nigam, Sangeetha Rajeev and also expressing the good towards warm thanks to greatest and India’s voice Sonu Nigam for accepting the sing the independent song and making a next higher level of music in Karnataka.

Winner of Big Boss, the current shine of Karnataka, Shine Shetty.

Shine Shetty, Starring in Neene Neene music, As viewers response like “love shine next innocent Sangeeta” already audience followed from the day one of Kannada big boss show Shine has attracted the viewer as shine Innocent. Now Collab with and Sangeetha Rajeev, Obsessed the Neene Neene and Ena Maadali song with a great effort of team Sangeetha Rajeev.

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