‘Rap Much better!’: Joker Felix Rap new twist to other rappers PSYCH LIFE

Joker Felix Rap widely accepted social attention after his music PSYCH LIFE release which had gone viral and found fame on the internet in 2019 and also tollers tolls towards him about the appearance and cringe-pop. Even his lyricism inferior, only appreciated by the locals, after hearing couples of Felix lyrics music make mind additive such cringe-pop singers. Monotonous lyrics combined with funny and accompany of his songs.

In the new version, he is a unique rapper in local and cringe-pop singers category with his own world to entertain the people same as like Dhinchak Pooja, and also he expresses Freeman-Felix, without bothering of trolls and some of his fans are waiting for a Next song too. Joker Felix Rap is listed below.

2) Score more fire
3) Real Rockstar’s(Official Rap Video Song) Ft by:-Altaf

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