Memer’s Anthem – Nav Memer’su nav trollers Nav Karnatakada rulers…DC Records

An anthem tribute to all the troll & meme makers, ‘Meme’s Anthem, DC Records’ is an exclusive set about begin the video platform in Kannada for new artists and rappers.

AS Society progresses, or something different inevitable in new ideas and focus with concepts develop by trollers or memers, exchange the information been rapidly evolving as well as in social media platforms the same are entertainment, bring awareness, and informative in memer’s, lyrics are catchy “Nav Memer’su nav trollers Nav Karnatakada rulers… this hook and song dedicating to all trollers and memer’s the team members are pappi chirayu, Chethan huli, Yuva Raj, Ashish Shetty, shivraj, Harshavardhan , Vaishnavi Mohan and others. Memer’s anthems of Dc Records. Originally, and in music theory and Trolls contexts, it also refers more particularly to memer’s and clearly specific form of liturgical music.

Chandan Shetty, Kirik Keerthi, All ok, Martin yo and MC Bijju talks about the songs and channels, the first Ninna gungalli is the first song released in dc records some of music are published are RCB Forever – ft Pournami, Keshav, Hookah – Vijeth Krishna, chethan, Seru nanna holalli, Kele Bangara, Preetiya Hosa padha, Kshamisu, Neen Yaro Kelokke, Barbaad Baalu, Saturday Night, Tukaali Developer – Yogism and Memer’s Anthem.

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