Listen to “Chithaal Pathaal” Song by Raghu Vine Store with Gubbi & MC Bijju

As the title says “Chithal Pathaal” most entertained and comedy fictional character but most of the ninety’s kid’s engineer students can related song. Mr. Raghu who content creator/ vlogger previously base on Nande music song in Rahul dito, surprisingly releases the song Chithaal Pathaal on Raghu Vine Store. Mc Bijju surprised great collab after freestyle Friday with Gubbi and Raghu, chithaal Pathaal major smile on the audience and Odiya Rapper, above titled song storytelling rap Chithaal.

Raghu Vine store Listen to "Chithaal Pathaal" Song by Raghu Vine Store with Gubbi & MC Bijju
Chithaal – Pathaal

Tumba hushar nam hudga
Browser history full cleanu..

In Video Father joins with hook step was lit to look after cowyard, Ending punch dialogues are whole new level “Nan matra follow Madi” and First of all neen vine store ittirode thappu” makes fans happy on there face, and reality and also lyrically sounds good as Browser history full cleanuu.

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