“Let the Crazy Storm begin “ALL OK – Crazy Official Video – Puneeth Rajkumar- New Kannada Song 2021

Pakka Nati style utta for the new year 2020, let’s Completely forgot about 2021, this all song about the crazy song for the new year, dedicated to crazy boys and girls importantly to Indian Army more special is Rapper all ok warmly thanks to karunaada power star Puneeth Rajkumar. And This middle-class sultana made in India with the crazy song of karnataka.

Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan

Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan scenery in All ok’s Crazy official video.

The Tollywood actor who played villain roles in the 90’s V Rangaraju has controversy on his statement on Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan. most Actor jaggesh, dhananjaya, Anirudh jatkar, yash, darshan, and also vishnuvardhan’s song in low, demanded an apology.

After his statement kicked up in a row a tearful Rangarajan apologized on a video recording that made a huge mistake ended the video by down on his knees in tears. as such, all ok conveyed the king in video music Crazy.

Lyrics, Concept, Composed, Produced, Directed & Performed by ALL OK

it’s already in all streaming platform #thecrazy music provider and production by Ayush raj & Alok, camera work Sanketh Mys, Vfx and editing Akash Raj, Art direction by Shivakumar J, Ig filter Creation by Ankitha R Babu, crazy poster by Ashwin, sound mixing and master by Aniket Mohanty, Vandana, Anisha, Ravi boys, Prashanth team models, Production & in charge of financial, Arjun S Gowda, Keerthi Chaitanya, Aditya Shetty KR, Ass Director – Akash Rambo, Team camera by Arjun & Kiran, Grading & DI by Studio32, catering by Arun, Costume Designers by Amith Thakur & Raw clothing, Team Believe – Shilpa, Sharda, vigneshwar Kalyanaraman, Sufi, Sriki, Sneha, Mohi.

Special Thanks to Teamwork

Jagdish R Chandra, Sathish, pavan, big barrel, Vaibhav G, Nishna Natarajan, Dj Arun Productions, Pavithra Leela, dabcrrf, Tap, Pushpak (Choreographer), Namratha, Arfaz, Gautham, Navneeth, Bhumika, Haseena, Rushika, Rithika, SaiSudha, Rakshith, Newton, Karan, Dayanand, Hanuman, Kiran BG, Suraj, Kiran, Keshav RK, Omkar, Smith, Dishank, Gautham, Pavan, Kiran and others.

Artist Note: Let Us know if any alter or modify the content.

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