JOY came up with PREMIUM SHIT with his Thimingla Gang!

After Successful of Music track of EE PATTANAKKE YENAGIDE ?? JOY pranith released a PREMIUM SHIT with his gang and turnup to staying high. Despite having a victorious track e Pattanakke Yanagide gave the revolution in Kannada independent music, Now by proving the content of PREMIUM SHIT – 2020 has conveyed that happiness and more looping in friends circles, underground content in the rap called Premium Shit – 2020 and also his artist also called as the entertaining style of lyrics “flowgala of Maharaja”

JOY came up with PREMIUM SHIT with his Thimingla Gang!

You are born to be real, not to be perfect. If things don’t come easy, there is no premium on effort. There is always Joy in the chase, zest in the pursuit. this Maharaja flow repeatedly reopens the rap music in their friend’s circles which is the transport of Premium shit 2020 of thimingala gang.

Song: PREMIUM SHIT Artist: J.O.Y Director: HULI Music: J.O.Y Mix & Mastered by S.I.D THIMINGLA GANG Jeevan Sairam N(Ram) Kevin

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