Devru Olledh Maadli Viraj – Kannadiga Ft CK6 BA55ICK – Reggaeton 2020

After a long time funky music sensation, Viraj Kannadiga came with new video music called DEVRU OLLEDH MAADLI. As you know all Viraj Aka Vikas entertaining us with his musical talent of sensation, commercial and funny too. This song Devru Olledh Maadli has to convey that cause of real life.

Concepts – Whatsapp group name called devru Olledh Maadli in this group there are 15-16 friends, few of the members are chatting overnight to plan for a trip off goa or vacation.
They get set ready to off the trip before conversation be like I bring the car said by Suresh, I bring the pulsar said by the second guy. No no we all travel on the train said the third person. Totally friends are ready and fixed minds to enjoy the trip. All friends are rash towards to pack the luggage.

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Reality is like be the Diamond, On the next day before reaching the destination back to back message sent by friends one guy I got stomach upset please carry on because of financial problems while being on an amotion trip has ended in last night’s conversation. Those who started the conversation of trip not taking leadership of the trip for them Devru Olledh Maadli

Devru Olledh Maadli
Devru Olledh Maadli

Friends are connected with heart but during the exam maga I have not yet studied what about you no bro even I don’t know where is the book also! He is will be the topper of the class while he bunked the class, enjoy the theater even 24 hours playing the pubg game. during the exam taking the continuously taking the additional sheet to write the exam if I ask the show the answer script, they didn’t show the script too. As a result, Suresh is the topper of the class and Ramesh got a pass in the exam Omg Saritha and Sunitha are scored good mark in the class

I had back at with 2-3 backlog subjects in every semester, how they get a pass in the exam without knowing me for them Devru Olledh Maadli.

Even I lend money to a friend he agreed to return back the money after a day he refuses to repay the money for them Devru Olledh Maadli.

“Viraj Kannadiga”

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