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BigBro is an independent artist, rapper, songwriter, and producer that dabbles in Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, and Alternative Genres. BigBro released multiple tracks under the Music Label “3BPS Music” and “BIGBRORECORDS”, which was started with his brothers Rakesh SK and Rajesh SK. BigBro started leaning towards Music in 2012 and developed his interest in Hip-Hop/Rap, being inspired by legendary rappers like Tupac Shakur, Biggie, Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Eminem, BigBro started to rap in the Kannada language, he released his first track “Nammellara Kambala” in Feb 2017 on their own label “3BPS Music” YouTube channel from then on he subsequently releases his singles/Albums.

First track “Nammellara Kambala” from 3BPS

BigBro is also known as Ravi Kiran has released his first track “Nammellara Kambala” in 2017, with reference to supporting a traditional celebration widely known as Kambala that happens in the coastal region of Karnataka.


BigBro – Alemaari (Official Video)

Nomad(Alemaari) video song has told us we were born naked, we will go naked, this life is just a phase, we don’t know what we were, we will never know what tomorrow will be like, alemaari , nodam , banjara, these three words mean same, this is a big world, roam free see all, respect, hope you grow more and more every day, my band also has a song named alemaari , respect and feel of alemaari.

The Track has released list are:
3BPS Music Channel
1) The Black Day – Uttara
2) BigBro – Jeevana
3) Nadi Mundhe (Motivational Rap)
4) Nadi Mari – Kannada rap (19Ninety4)
5) Yuvakaney – BigBro
6) Alemaari – Traveling Song
7) Aham – BigBro

BigBro Kannada
1) Konde-Bidu
2) BigBro – HSN
3) Sahitya Sampathu
4) Trikona – BigBro
5) Madai thiranthu
6) Ni♥ – BigBro
7) Devru – Givru BigBro

Please check the other more music from the official channel 3bps and BigBro

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